May 2019

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Dear Readers...

Dear readers, I am writing on behalf of the Mission 2020 Team with an update of some of the exciting events we have planned this year in the build up to the actual 2020 mission.
Already in February we were so blessed to have had Fr. Gavin Landers, a young dynamic priest from the Salford Diocese, leading a retreat for young adults “Disconnect To Reconnect”, based on the Gospel of John in the beautiful surroundings of Finca la Alcaidesa. Though the temperature was quite low during the weekend, there was a Rosary walk and a two hour hike to warm us up. Plenty of singing, masses, confession, healing service, great fellowship and plenty of food and cups of tea to keep us all happy, warm and satisfied. We had a visit from our Bishop and Fr. Piotr on Saturday afternoon and we were really grateful for their presence.
Fr. Gavin was kept very busy as he visited Bayside and Westside school, meeting pupils and giving his testimony and teachings to very receptive children.
The youth arranged ‘A wine tasting evening with the Saints’ a fun event where wining and dining was combined with a teaching about three different Saints in a very relaxed atmosphere.
It gave Fr. Gavin a chance to meet and socialise with those who would be attending the retreat.
We continue to pray for Fr. Gavin’s ministry and vocation and God willing he will be back in Gibraltar during the summer.
Some more information of events coming up: During the Fridays/Saturdays of Lent we will be visiting the different parishes to pray the Stations of the Cross, parish dates to be confirmed through parish news- letters.
On Sarurday 16th March we are having a Parish Transformation training day based on Fr. James Mallon’s “Divine Renovation” book and handbook (a life changing, tour de force book, a true gem) we will personally be calling all those who committed to the mission last year after the ‘Call to Holiness’ weekend to invite them to attend, we really recommend this as it will spiritually challenge and transform us and our parishes. This will be held in the Leisure Centre at the Cinema where we will be showing Fr. Mallon’s teachings.
Starting at 9am the film will be followed by workshops and we will serve lunch. Please, please, all are welcome come and be transformed.
We have an outreach day planned for the 4th May DETAILS TO BE CONFIRMED, BUT PLEASE KEEP US IN YOUR PRAYERS as this event will need many helpers and much planning but will be an amazing and exciting day, where we can all give witness about our amazing faith.
Another event planned is a Rosary Around The Rock on the 5th May on the feast day of Our Lady of Europe with prayer posts all around the Rock. More info to be shared at a later date via our parishes, as we will need all your help as we would like all parishes to come together and take part. So please make a note of that weekend and keep it free as God will need your help.We are very excited about these events and will keep you updated via the magazine as well as the parish news letters.
So for now please pray for all these events and quoting our beloved Pope Frances “We are all a mission on this earth; that is the reason why we are here in this world” God Bless you all, and please contact me, Joanna, for more information 58008446.