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Crib Competition 2017
As in previous years the Diocesan Crib competion judging was very tight, but as the construction and design standards of the Schools Nativity Scenes improve it is even more difficult to separate the winners. Sometimes this was down to one point’s difference between the final marks.

who won the Best Crib 2017 for their age group, presented a ‘sensory crib’ divided into 5 panels. Each panel depicted a scenery from a traditional nativity setting, namely houses depicting what Bethlehem may have looked like and the roof tops had corrugated cardboard being a sensory combination. Another of the panels was the actual Nativity scene, another the three Kings, then the scene of the Annunciation where the shepherds and sheep were visited by an Angel and lastly was another farm animal scene with the farmer. All had different sensory things to them and all panels were also accompanied by photos of different children with their teachers working on each panel. Well done St Martin’s!

categorized as ‘child friendly’ - normally adults go into panic mode when we see our children getting near the cribs, and the children are always fascinated by wanting to ‘grab’ a figure or two from the crib... well this ‘Brick Crib’ is precisely one that can be played with by children, as they come and go rearranging the blocks as they please. Loreto Middle won the Best Crib 2017 for their age group.

Finally, the winner for the Best First School was ST MARY’S FIRST SCHOOL, a newcomer to the annual venture of this competition. St Mary’s presented a very interesting crib which no doubt caught everyone’s eye upon entering the school building as it was quite big in size as the pictures show. Different materials were used to create this crib and Judges were informed of the amount of children from different classes that were involved under the guidance of their teachers. They joyfully admitted the enthusiasm they had enjoyed whilst creating the crib, as it was the first time they were entering. We both welcome them and once again congratulate them all in their success.

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