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Be Calm in the presence of the Lord
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In life there are times when it’s hard to remain calm, but instead of worrying and dwelling on the problem we must seek the Lord.

It is essential that we get away from all the noise around us and all the noise in our heart and find a quiet place to be with God.
There is nothing like being alone in the presence of the Lord. There will be times in your lives when anxious thoughts will fill your minds. In these instances you need to find a place where there is peace and quiet and talk to the Lord. God will provide His children with a peace and comfort unlike any other when we come to Him. The problem is that when we are so worried about things we refuse to come to Him even though He has the power to help us.
Every time you encounter problems think of the words from the Bible in Psalms 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God".
At times it may be difficult to understand what it means to be still and what exactly we need to do to make that happen. When we face difficulties in our lives it may seem as if we are on a ship being pushed one way and another in stormy seas, in those circumstances how exactly can we be still and strong whilst a storm rages around us?
We need to free ourselves from all outside noise, if we do so we are able to hear the voice of God’s Spirit as he comes to comfort and guide us through our difficulties. Some of the noise we experience, that could be blocking our ability to feel God’s presence, is our own worry. When we learn to change our thoughts from negative to positive, we will find it easier to feel God’s love, because we are in harmony with him. The noise is replaced by a sweet melody of peace. To be calm does not mean that the storm is no longer all around us, it means that the storm is no longer within us. The storms may still rage, but you are free from the effects of them. They no longer trouble you because you know in whom you have trusted. You are in a place where you no longer fear.
Often, when difficulties come our way, we tend to get angry with God and cry out in complaint. When we do this, we reduce our ability to feel the presence of God, because we leave no room in our hearts for Him to dwell. God cannot dwell in a heart that is full of anger. It is when we learn to put at rest our complaints and cast our burdens on the Lord, to hush our cries and wait upon him, that we will find peace, He will bind our broken hearts.
Sometimes when difficulties arise, we allow the anger and frustrations from those difficulties to push us into violence, or we try to force our will upon the Lord. Neither one of these choices will bring us peace.
We can learn to be still as we pray, read scripture, go for a walk, meditate or give ourselves time to think, free from interruption or disturbance. This not only allows us to communicate with our Heavenly Father, it allows our Heavenly Father to communicate with us.
Often the pressures of everyday life make it impossible for us to truly hear what God is trying to tell us. It is when we slow down and allow ourselves the opportunity to rest that our mind and heart can focus on those things that are of the greatest importance. God wants to talk to us, but we have to be ready and available to listen.
When our mind and spirit are still, our whole body is at peace. We are able to see things with a clear mind, feel things with a pure heart and hear the voice of our Heavenly Father with ears that are open and in tune with his spirit. We will know God because we will be one with him. “Be still and know that I am God,” is not just a saying, it is a state of being. It is the ability to know God well enough to trust in his abilities to rescue you. As we learn to be still and trust in God, we come to know and understand that we are God’s children. We are never alone, never unaided and never forgotten. He will come to us. All it takes is for us to be still.
If you would like to experience this in your life, don’t hold back and enrol for one of our Cursillo Weekends. The next weekend events will be held at the Retreat Centre: 12 - 15 October for women and 9 - 12 November for men. If you are interested in attending please contact us on 58008885 or send us an email on and we’ll send you an enrolment form, we look forward to seeing you there.
God Bless,
Cursillo Team Leaders